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How to buy Bitcoin ?

The online have many websites you can buy/sell your Bitcoin there.But some websites take very high charge and you can't get the actual price there.They keep the price minimum 40$-100$(more) difference between actual price.Like when you buy Bitcoin you need to give (the Bitcoin price+40$+there charge%) and also when you sell your Bitcoin you get (the bitcoin price-40$-there charge%) .So,what is the goal if you earn a lot of Bitcoin or if you need a lot of Bitcoin ?

The one very actual solution for buy and sell your Bitcoin with original price .

Use Coinbase   :
Coinbase is the most popular Bitcoin exchange site.You can easily buy/sell your Bitcoin there.And also you can buy/sell your Bitcoin with your local bank account.They have also the best Bitcoin wallet for hosted your Bitcoin free.

The list of another good and trusted exchanger ..

Bitok : Need Bitcoin with Payza,AdvCash,Perfect Money etc.So you are the right place on Bitok.They have no deposit  fee.And when you withdraw your Bitcoin or USD they have not any charge (only payment method fee needed ).

Exmo: Another good Bitcoin and Altcoins exchanger site. You can use Payza,AdvCash,Perfect Money etc for buy and sell your Bitcoin.

YoBit: It also a good site for buy/sell your Bitcoin and Altcoins easily.

That's ok.You haven't need any other site for buy/sell your Bitcoin.Or,if you need another site you can use Indacoin but not recommended . smile 


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