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The complete Google Adsense Alternatives for Bitcoin Faucets

I decided to group the ad networks I’ve found profitable into 2 groups – Bitcoin ad networks and non Bitcoin ad networks. The main differences are that Bitcoin ad networks pay you in Bitcoins and they all accept faucet traffic.

At the end of this list I will also let you know what ad networks I’ve tried that didn’t work out or didn’t accept Milli as a publisher.
Bitcoin ad networks for Bitcoin faucets

Coinad – The leading Bitcoin ad network

Pros: Highest paying Bitcoin network, fill rate of ads is good

Cons: Can be accepted only by invite (directed at high traffic faucets only), limited stats

Profitability: Gets you around 0.0001+BTC CPM, at today’s exchange rate this equals to $0.07 which is nice. Also Coinad calculates your revenue and pays you in Bitcoin so you’re not affected by the exchange rate.

Overall: If you have a Bitcoin faucet you have to apply to Coinad. I don’t think there’s any way to keep a faucet profitable without it. If you’re just starting out and don’t have enough traffic, you’ll need to operate for a few months at a loss until you’re big enough. Another option would be to run Adsense on your faucet, knowing you will get banned eventually, but at least cutting your losses.

My rating: 95%

Cointraffic – A highly profitable Bitcoin ad network

Pros: Pretty profitable, awesome support

Cons: Limited statistics, payment is in Euros (affected by BTC exchange rate), limited stats

Profitability: At the moment I cannot say exactly how profitable Cointraffic is. The reason is because they recently started to integrate pop-up banners that are highly profitable. However, these pop-ups are still in Beta. They claim to pay €0.05 cpm for a slide banner and €0.5 CPM for the pop ups.

Overall: For now I’m still testing Cointraffic out, but they seem to be a very legitimate Bitcoin ad network. I especially like the fact that their support is quick to answer and addresses every issue I have. Unlike other ad networks they only allow one banner per site (and one pop up). Their biggest downside is that they calculate revenue in Fiat even though they pay out in BTC. That’s why if the BTC price goes up you get less Bitcoins sent your way. Finally, they are a relatively new ad network which is always a risk.

My rating: 90%

Mellow Ads – Nice addition, but wouldn’t build my hopes on it

Pros: OK fill rate of ads, allows up to 5 ads to be placed on the site, veteran in the market

Cons: A lot of downtime, low payouts, pays per unique click / view, limited stats

Profitability: I assume that MellowAds’ low profitability is related to the fact that MellowAds pays only for unique views / clicks and most of a faucet users are returning users. So even if you put more ads on the site it wouldn’t bring in that much more in revenue. For now I’m seeing around $0.05 CPM from Mellow ads but it varies a lot.

Overall: In all honesty I don’t like MellowAds that much. It’s too much hassle for too little of a profit. The ads have a lot of downtime which also slows down your site. Even though I know the founder personally and he’s a great guy, I think more can be done to improve this ad network. I’m guessing that once I manage to stabilize the faucets revenue stream I will remove MellowAds from the faucet completely.

My rating: 73%

U-Ads – The newest player around

Pros: OK fill rate of ads, allows up to 5 ads to be placed on the site

Cons: New in the market, limited stats, technical issues

Profitability: U-ads seems to act as a “MellowAds” mini-me. revenue is pretty low (around $0.03 CPM) but I have only been trying them out for 1 week so I can’t be sure yet.

Overall: U-ads seems ok, however my greatest fear is that it is very young. This means that I can’t count on it in terms on income since it may disappear at any moment. For now, the revenue from U-ads isn’t substantial so I may be opting out of them as well in the future.

My rating: 82%
Non Bitcoin Ad networks that work with Bitcoin faucets

Propeller Ads – My personal favorite pop up network (for now…)

Pros: High CPM, good support

Cons: Annoying pop ups, no way to control pop up frequency, limited stats, no Paypal withdrawal option

Profitability: I’ve been using Propeller ads for almost two weeks and have been seeing an average CPM of $0.16. This is pretty good, however keep in mind that on every click after a site refresh an annoying pop up comes up.

Overall: I wish I didn’t have to stoop to pop ups on the site but for now this seems like to only way to get Milli to be even close to breaking even. PropellerAds seem to be a legit ad network with decent CPM. I’m still debating whether it’s better than PopAds or not.

My rating: 88%

PopAds – High revenue pop up ads

Pros: The highest CPMs around, pop-up configuration

Cons: Slow support, low level advertisers

Profitability: PopAds is by far the most profitable ad network available out there. CPMs can reach up to $0.7 which is pretty crazy. If you only care about profit, use PopAds.

Overall: Even though PopAds is insanely profitable I’m not using them at the moment. The reason is because their advertisers are of the lowest level (i.e. porn, multiple pop ups, etc.). You have an option to disable specific advertisers and also put a delay between pop ups but for me that option didn’t work. I contacted their support but they haven’t figured it out. So for now they are out of Milli. I may be trying them again in the future.

My rating: 90%

UberCPM – A Young and promising ad network

Pros: Good fill rate,

Cons: Very young ad network, low CPM

Profitability: For the short time I’ve been using UberCPM it’s been showing a consistent ratio of $0.03 CPM. Although this is nothing to write home about it’s a good add on to any site.

Overall: UberCPM seems to me like a “nice to have” ad network. I wouldn’t go nuts if it ended out not paying me or defaulting, and if it does work out it’s a nice small addition to the revenue stream. I know as a fact that they have banned faucets in the past due to illegal traffic sources (i.e bots), but for now Milli seems fine.

My rating: 82%

SolveMedia – A captcha and advertising solution all in one

Pros: 2 in 1 solution (captcah + ad network)

Cons: Payout is net +60, support is limited, doesn’t eliminate all bots

Profitability: SolveMedia’s profitability has fluctuated greatly over time. After using it for almost 6 months I can say the it will usually be somewhere around $0.05-$0.1 in it’s CPM.

Overall: SolveMedia is a MOST HAVE for every faucet owner since you get to monetize a feature that every faucet has to have – Captchas. I’ve written about them extensively in my previous Bitcoin faucet updates. In the past I’ve made insane amounts of money from them, but I think it’s due to the fact that sometimes new advertisers come in with very deep pockets. However, even at the lowest profitable periods it was still a good addition to my site.

My rating: 94%

So there you have it, the complete revenue sources I found suitable for Bitcoin faucets. I’ve also tested various other networks but either didn’t get approved with Milli or the earnings were too low. To name a few:

A-ads – tried them out for a short while but earnings were really low so I stopped.
Coinurl – This one I actually haven’t tried out yet.
Bitmedia – For some unexplained reason they did not accept Milli to their program nor did they repond to emails I’ve sent.

And these are non Bitcoin networks that didn’t approve Milli:

Chikita – got the ads running but never saw any revenue. Support did not respond.
ExoClick – got approved but CPM was too low
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