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I think XMR or BCN. For CPU.

And I love how some people tell people that mine with CPUs not to or that you should give up. I CPU mine daily as well as GPU and ASIC mine. I mine XMR with CPU and over time the Satoshi that you make does add up. I take mine and invest in ICOs and sometime double if not triple what I mined. There for CPU mining can be worth if. Unless you just plan o

Simon Dixon, CEO of the online investment platform outlined his vision for blockchain startups recently at The Internet of Value: Blockchain and Financial Services Innovation conference in London.

Making the conference keynote, Dixon laid out the history of bitcoin and blockchain companies, especially those working in the financial services sector, and what he consid
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IBM’s previously announced work intersecting blockchain and AI is moving forward with the establishment of a new office in Germany.

The announcement is part of a broader technology push initiated this week by IBM, which is investing $200m to fuel its internet of things (IoT) efforts.

IBM is opening a new office in Munich to spearhead those initiatives, within which its blockcha

Once heralded as the "silver to bitcoin's gold", the developers behind the long-running digital currency litecoin are seeking to reestablish the project's prior position as the world's second most popular cryptocurrency.

Breaking a long loll in project announcements, litecoin’s core developers and the Litecoin Association , a Texas-based non-profit advocacy group for the technolog
UPDATE (27th April, 16:10pm GMT):
Jackson Palmer indicates that his leave of absence from the crypto community includes a separation with micropayments project Neucoin. Representatives from Neucoin have not yet responded to press inquiries.

Dogecoin founder and Adobe senior manager Jackson Palmer has announced he is taking an "extended leave of absence" from the cryptocurrency community.

The government of Jersey is pushing ahead with its previously announced plans to regulate digital currency exchange activity.

Authorities in the British Crown dependency announced a plan to introduce legislation just under a year ago. At the time, government representatives expressed a desire to avoid a full-on licensure scheme similar to the BitLicense pursued by New Yo

The pressure is building for Deutsche Bank.
Germany's largest and most financially leveraged bank continues to see its stock price languish as other firms distance themselves from the beleaguered financial institution.

Indications that the bank may pay billions of dollars to the US government in order to settle charges related to mortgage lending practices have sent markets reeling amid

Litecoin's block reward has halved.

At block 840,000, the mining reward fell from 50 LTC per block to 25 per block, marking the first time the alternative cryptocurrency, launched in 2011, has seen such a reduction. The 840,000th block was mined by F2Pool, also known as Discus Fish.

Litecoin supporters took to social media to celebrate the halving, and creator Charlie Lee thanked C

The creator of micropayments startup dogetipbot has announced he will open-source the payments tool, just over one year after raising $445,000 from Blackbird Ventures.

In a post on his Facebook page obtained by CoinDesk, dogetipbot's Josh Mohland announced he will return the project to the bitcoin and dogecoin cryptocurrency communities, though the tone of his messages w

The team behind a long-contentious proposal to upgrade the bitcoin protocol has announced it is making new funding available for research.

In a blog post today, the Bitcoin Unlimited team revealed it has "several hundred thousand" dollars available to fund work it believes will help restore "Satoshi’s vision" for a global peer-to-peer digital cash system.

The s
Rather than focus on attempting to mine bitcoin (which, due to the level of competition you’re up against such as colossal multi-national industrial mining ventures has long since become unpractical to mine on an individual level), rather shoot for some of the “altcoins” which have exponentially less competition. If you decide to mine altcoins (which can be easily and anonymousl
If you would like to create a crypto-currency like Bitcoin, some of the possible ways include -

Create an alt-coin or colored coin on top of Bitcoin Blockchain
Create a digitial currency on Ethereum - developers claim you can create one in as many as 14 lines of code
Create another public Blockchain for a Bitcoin like digital currency
If you would like to create a Bitcoin like blockchain, som
There are four main ideas to have before doing some automated trading for Bitcoin trading I believe.

Bitcoins price is quite stable now but rises suddenly for no known reason sometimes. Automated trading would thus eventually fail here.

Automated trading is the best if you do it yourself with your own strategy. At least, you know what are your parameters and how your bot will trade.

The use of digital currencies like Bitcoin is continuing to grow around the world, whilst at the same time new applications for the blockchain technology which underpins it are popping up constantly. This creates a huge range of opportunities for entrepreneurs to capitalize on. Establishing your business within a young and growing industry like this may be seen as risky by some, but it also offer
Day-trading bitcoin can be extremely profitable if you know what you are doing. However, it is also highly risky by nature so you can both win and lose large sums of money very quickly. Bitcoin is an extremely volatile commodity, subject to sharp swings up and down in price with very little warning. That makes day trading it exciting, but it also means it can be very hard to remain cool under pre
For install AntiBot links you need to create some heard code . No problem I will show you everything . To do it be careful . Please get a backup your site then start . CodeBlock is not work so I give some code raw link .

First open Notepad++ or download it from Here .
Now download
Now extract the downloaded Upload the antibotlinks.php to /libs.

Now ope
So I realized that not many people know about this site, It's name is Linkslap, and the pay you for reviewing gifs. How does it works? Well you can earn Coins from 2 different ways:

1) "Naming" gifs: You see a gif and put a name to it or describe what is going on there (No tagging, no single words) and they pay you 10 Dogecoins per gif so If you have quick hand you can make tons of coins in a
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Buying and trading
The next most important aspect to address is where on earth to obtain litecoin?

Unless you're a miner (more on that later), you'll need to buy from one of several exchanges, Litecoin's forum – or in person, alá LocalBitcoins style.

The places we know of that you can buy litecoin from are as follows:BitBargain UK, bittylicious, Bitfinex, BTC-e, BTER, Krake
Aidenmack1 posted Sep 10 at 1:57 am
The short answer: In most cases, bitcoin mining is perfectly legal. In a few countries, however, bitcoin mining, as well as the possession and use of bitcoin is illegal. If you live in North America and most of Western Europe, bitcoin mining, as well as possession, is not only legal, but local regulatory frameworks actually provide certain protections and basic oversight.

In many cases, bitco
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I want to share my list of faucets, that I currently use, with this community. They are all very profitable and I can confirm that all of them pay out.

Lets start with the low-timers: - 70 Satoshi (no cooldown-avg. 5 claims/minute) - 490 -> 29000 Satoshi/hour - 700 Satoshi every 3 minutes -> 14000 Satoshi/hour - 600 Satoshi every 3 min
recent by johnmili  ·  Sep 10 at 2:26 am
It works just by entering your Bitcoin address and get free Satoshi every certain time based on the faucet itself, sometimes there is a range of payment not fixed payment,

You can also use some sort of Bitcoin faucet rotators,it contains several Bitcoin faucets at the same page and you use your bitcoin address to claim from the first faucet then move to the next faucet in the same page till y
I decided to group the ad networks I’ve found profitable into 2 groups – Bitcoin ad networks and non Bitcoin ad networks. The main differences are that Bitcoin ad networks pay you in Bitcoins and they all accept faucet traffic.

At the end of this list I will also let you know what ad networks I’ve tried that didn’t work out or didn’t accept Milli as a publisher.
This post was originally posted on January 2015. Now, 18 months later it’s time to revisit the facts:

Bitcoin’s price is on a downtrend, the dollar is strong, and even Microsoft’s adoption combined with a crumbling ruble isn’t picking up the slack. This past year’s decline has lead to some Bitcoin’s detractors calling it the worst investment in 2014, and i
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The short answer: In most cases, bitcoin mining is perfectly legal.
In a few countries, however, bitcoin mining, as well as the possession and use of bitcoin is illegal. If you live in North America and most of Western Europe, bitcoin mining, as well as possession, is not only legal, but local regulatory frameworks actually provide certain protections and basic oversight.

In many cases, bitc
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